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Law Firm Prepares for the Road Ahead: Part 3

by Ken Neal
November 30, 2017

This is my third and final article in this series, which that highlights a client case history about how, facing a pending nationwide renovation and relocation project for its US-based offices, a major law firm teamed with Canon Business Process Services (Canon) to solve a complex challenge. In my previous post I examined how the solutions Canon implemented to help meet a variety the firm’s needs, including the goal of reducing physical file storage space while increasing the workspace devoted to supporting the firm’s core mission: practicing law. In this article I will spotlight key results of Canon’s solution.

Canon’s Business Process Assessment (BPA) methodology enabled Canon and its client to uncover challenges that basically were due to end users not knowing the proper procedures for processing a variety of records management-related activities. These include, for example, not knowing how to request help for managing documents for storage. The BPA Findings Report provided the firm with three major recommendations:

  • Improve the current records management program through greater executive oversight and building best practices across the firm.
  • Establish a digital intake center with the capability to digitize paper documents and integrate them faster and more efficiently into the firm’s business process workflows. (Canon defines a digital intake center as a hybrid mailroom and scanning service that uses specialized mail scanning technology and workflow techniques to convert physical mail into digital information immediately upon receipt.)
  • Support the relocation of the firm’s largest office by establishing a unified records repository and, aligned with the second recommendation, create a digital intake capability integrated with automated workflows.

Canon and the law firm leveraged the power of Canon’s BPA consultative offering to help the firm not only enhance efficiency and contain costs, but to also be better prepared overall for the road ahead.

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