BPO Bulletin

Integrated Taxonomy: A Key Approach for Better Managing Paper and Digital Content

by Ken Neal
March 15, 2018

My colleague at Canon Business Process Services, Baron Brady, Solutions Engineer, Legal-Information Governance solutions, points out that if it’s time for your firm or company to design a taxonomy for your paper and electronic content, then you likely already understand the benefit of document management best practices. But implementing an effective taxonomy is no longer just about drafting consistent naming conventions across your organizations. It requires an understanding of how your content is being used and how best to organize it for ease of access.

Baron focuses on these and other important issues in his recent “Workflow” magazine article, “Integrated Taxonomy: A Foundational Approach to Records Management and Improving Workflow.” In the article Baron shares his thoughts on how an integrated approach to taxonomy implementation establishes a strong foundation for the management of increasing volumes of digital content by directly addressing the full scope of data stored at an organization and how to leverage that data to streamline workflows.

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