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Information Governance Tools and Procedures can Minimize Data Collection

by Scott Paster
April 1, 2015

As many records managers and legal professionals are aware, records management has evolved to the point where it now encompasses information management and governance. And information governance, in turn, increasingly is being viewed as vital to the success and safety of legal firms, corporate legal departments and businesses in general.

A Legaltech News article pointed out that in a recent report the FTC highlighted “data minimization” as a core concern in today’s world of data breaches. As the FTC states in the report: “Data minimization refers to the concept that companies should limit the data they collect and retain, and dispose of once they no longer need it.” The article goes on the spotlight how data minimization is a call for information governance methodologies and tools that can help organizations separate out high-value data sets from the flood of all other low-value information that flows inside the organization’s network.

If you are in process of planning, implementing or improving an information governance program, you might also be interested in viewing our recent webcast: Go from Records Management to Information Governance: How to Get on the Right Path. Among other important issues, the webcast highlights a framework of processes, standards and roles for an effective information governance program.

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