Legal Services Brief

Driving Innovation in Legal Services: Part 1

by Scott Paster
September 20, 2016

For this and my next three posts I will highlight a client case history that demonstrates how implementing new processes and workflows helped a major law firm realize significant business benefits. Specifically, we helped the firm advance its document process management, print/copy/scan and mail operations as well as its litigation support activities to a higher level.

The firm, Chapman and Cutler LLP (Chapman), is a leading law firm that has focused on finance since 1913. Chapman’s clients are involved in banking, corporate finance and securities and public finance transactions. Chapman contracted with us to help the firm realize a vision: implement business process improvements that, based on quality, innovation and advanced technology, would help Chapman better focus on what it does best: practice law.

Chapman needed a document management services and litigation support services provider that offered skills in several key areas. These include the ability to drive process improvement, enhance quality control, reduce costs and continuously offer new ideas for streamlining operations and improving services. Regarding the latter, Chapman wanted a partner in innovation – one that would not only help solve current challenges but better enable the firm to succeed in the days ahead.

Many of the immediate challenges evolved from Chapman’s existing document management services contract at the time. The agreement consistently yielded costs that exceeded the firm’s expectations in labor and subcontracting fees, and did not offer an approach to quality management that met Chapman’s expectations.

When reviewing industry service providers, Chapman tapped Canon, based on our plan to reduce costs and headcount while improving service quality. We also offered proven expertise and established processes in every critical area of document process management. This was especially important in printing, copying and document scanning, as our team would be supporting critical document processes, such as the creation of closing books for major transactions and agreements that have a significant impact on client service. Additionally, Canon has a solid track record implementing change management projects, advanced technology solutions and quality management initiatives, grounded in Six Sigma- based performance management methodologies.

In my next post I’ll highlight the solution we implemented. In the meantime, feel free to visit the Legal Services page of our website where you’ll find insights on industry trends and best practices. You can also download white papers, case histories and more. 

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