BPO Bulletin

Are You on the Right Path?

by Ken Neal
April 7, 2015

As you’ll note by several of our recent blog columns, we at Canon Business Process Services consider information governance to be an important topic – one that many organizations have yet to fully consider.

Melissa Carlis, director of records development for Canon Business Process Services, addressed this and other key issues in a feature article (Going from Records Management to Information Governance) recently published in “Workflow” magazine. Melissa writes: “The discipline of records management has evolved to the point where it now encompasses information management and governance. This is not news for many records managers. However, growing awareness of this trend is empowering and strengthening the records management function, which increasingly is being viewed as vital to the success and safety of businesses as well as their customers and other stakeholders.”

If this topic is of interest to you and your organization, I highly recommend reading Melissa’s article. She goes on to spotlight key elements of effectively advancing your current program, which include creating a transition plan, building an information governance framework, ensuring organizational education, establishing dashboard analytics and reporting and more.

For additional information on best practices, whitepapers and case histories feel free to visit the Records and Information Governance Services page of our website.

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