BPO Bulletin

A “Lean” Approach to Print/Copy Management

by Ken Neal
July 31, 2017

Has your organization assessed the savings, efficiencies and security improvements that can be achieved by advancing its print/copy infrastructure? Many companies want to optimize resources and implement a “lean” way of managing their print/copy function. The lean approach, a method founded in manufacturing, helps reduce wasted time, resources and errors. Understanding opportunities for improvement is the first step to becoming “lean.”

One such opportunity is managed print services (MPS). At Canon Business Process Services, our approach to MPS can include incorporating print, mail, imaging and records functions with IT and business process optimization strategies to provide a holistic approach to print management. Download our brief to learn about how your firm can optimize and streamline its print strategy. We can deliver MPS for your company, including the creation of a centralized mail, print and scanning center, to provide a better integrated, more cost-effective solution.

Additionally, feel free to visit the Print Services page of our website to for information on industry trends and best practices including case histories, research reports, whitepapers and more.

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