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Is Your Procurement Team Best-in-Class? Four Key Enablers for Success

Is Your Procurement Team Best-in-Class? Four Key Enablers for Success

A best-in-class performance team requires top-tier metrics across sourcing, procurement and compliance, as well as vendor and contract management. How close is your team to best-in-class, and what does it take to get there? Whether you are just beginning to standardize processes or are currently leveraging actionable spend intelligence to make better decisions, it is vital for procurement leadership to understand the path to achieving operational excellence.

With this in mind, Ardent Partners presents important research on the four key enablers for success: business transformation, agility, innovation and collaboration.

Watch this can't miss webcast now to learn:

  • How Ardent Partners defines best-in-class and the steps needed to get there
  • How to prioritize implementing improvements in data visibility, procurement processes and vendor management while engaging and aligning with key stakeholders in the process
  • The importance of supplier innovation programs
  • How to respond faster to market dynamics and business challenges

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