Failure to Launch: Common Mistakes AP Departments Make

Failure to Launch: Common Mistakes AP Departments Make

The intelligent AP function sounds like something I want and need, but what is it? If it’s something I want, how do I get there? How can I make Accounts Payable a strategic partner so I can get the budget? Review the “Accounts Payable Metrics that Matter” from Ardent Partners to benchmark your performance. Then learn from a panel of industry and technology experts to create the game plan that not only solves the tactical and manual-based challenges, but also builds an intelligent AP function.

Canon and Ardent Partners present a comprehensive view from leading experts who can guide you to the intelligent AP function.

Watch this can't miss webcast now to learn:

  • Learn the Game Plan to the intelligent AP function and how companies are executing on that path today.
  • What is causing all those exceptions and how do I tackle the root causes? Is it the organization? Is it the technology?
  • Is “best in class” the best we can do?
  • What is the goal line? How do you get started and how do you show the progress?

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