Canon Discovery Services’ CaseData® eDiscovery Platform Offers Visual Analysis Tools

New York City—Canon Discovery Services, a division of Canon Business Process Services (Canon), today announced that it has enhanced its CaseData® cloud-based eDiscovery platform with visual analysis tools. Legal professionals can use visual analysis to examine case-related trends and information patterns and drill down in greater detail to discover facts that might be relevant, even critical, to winning a case.

These capabilities allow legal teams to understand large data sets and gain insights by visualizing information in two graphical formats: a pivot view and a summary view. These views can help facilitate insight into two areas that are valuable to many legal document reviewers: communication patterns and information gaps.

The summary view can help improve early case assessment as well as enhance case strategy and quality control. For example, users can quickly get an overview of the types of information pertinent to a case and the sources of the data. Interactive pie charts and bar charts display the top 10 most abundant values for specific data fields in a document set including file types (TIFF, PDF, Outlook MSG files etc.), sending or receiving domains, custodians and documents considered privileged. Clicking on the interactive charts allows users to drill down and further explore these data fields.

Leveraging the capability to combine document categories, such as custodian, file type, sent date and recipient, users can discover communication patterns. This might include, for example, which custodian sent the most emails, to whom and the time period when email communication peaked between the custodian and a specific recipient. 

The pivot view summarizes and displays information in a timeline or bar chart. The timeline view can help uncover gaps in a production—a time period, for example, that contains significantly fewer email documents than expected. This finding could support an investigation to determine if there was deficiency in the production of documents delivered from opposing counsel.

Canon Business Process Services provides outsourced document management and electronic discovery services to 27 of the 2018 Am Law 100 firms. For more information on CaseData, as well as insight on legal industry trends and best practices, visit the Legal Services page of Canon’s website.

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