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eDiscovery Services, Data Collection & Digital Forensics

Rely on Discovery Experts for Minimizing Discovery Costs and Attorney Review Time

Containing the high cost of litigation is a challenge for even the most seasoned practitioners. Law firms and corporate legal departments continually explore ways to make costs lower and more predictable. 

Canon Discovery Services offers a team of skilled discovery professionals to manage discovery and investigatory projects, meet tight deadlines and develop plans to reduce ediscovery costs and stay within budget. 

Canon assists clients with discovery, counsels clients on implementing effective records management practices and establishes consistency in discovery practices. Canon Discovery Services offers many of the services needed for the litigation and investigation process. 

They include: strategic consulting; project planning and budgeting to supplement our core services of forensics and data collection; ESI processing, culling and analysis; paper discovery services; document review services; hosting; and production utilizing Canon’s CaseData™ integrated eDiscovery platform. CaseData™ enables legal teams to collaboratively process, search, review and produce documents for legal discovery and investigatory matters. 

Canon Discovery Services manages all of the moving parts to deliver comprehensive legal support services.

We Are Committed To Our Clients

Our team has one overriding purpose: help clients solve complex ediscovery challenges. Firms are typically strapped for resources. Using our deep bench we supplement a firm's in-house staff with the strategic planning and sound guidance necessary to solve difficult problems. Committed to providing this high level of service since the beginning, we have seen it all and our passion for enabling clients to meet their next challenge is as strong as ever.

Success Stories
A Partner in Innovation
Chapman and Cutler LLP (Chapman) is a leading law firm that has focused on finance since 1913. Chapman’s clients are involved in banking, corporate finance and securities and public finance transactions. Chapman contracted with Canon Business Process Services to help the firm realize a vision: implement business process improvements that, based on quality, innovation and advanced technology, would help Chapman better focus on what it does best: practice law.

Our Experienced Team

The largest law firms and corporate legal departments depend on Canon Discovery Services to develop effective, practice-tested solutions for the most complex discovery challenges. The Canon team has over 30 years of experience helping organizations deal with scope of discovery and evolving regulatory requirements.

Canon has helped clients comply with the EU’s Privacy Directive, investigate data breaches, assess and mitigate data management risks and implement defensible, cost-effective discovery response plans. The services provided include:

Discovery Consulting and Project Management

The need for Discovery Consulting varies depending on the needs of a matter and of the organization. Canon can assist attorneys and their clients with strategic guidance in managing cost, time and risk in a manner that meets obligations. Our consulting services can supplement the legal team’s expertise to achieve the desired case outcome. Canon Discovery Services provides best practices in project management throughout the project lifecycle.

Forensics and Data Collection

Maintaining the chain of custody is critical and there are complex issues involved in collecting electronic evidence. The Canon Discovery Services team utilizes forensic tools and best practices to guide clients on data collection from email systems; databases; hard drives; mobile devices and cloud data.

Speed and accuracy are critical as law firms help clients handle the complexities of paper and electronic discovery. Canon Discovery Services helps firms meet these challenges by providing consistent processes and best practices for every aspect of a project including document analysis and collection, scanning and imaging, optical character recognition (OCR), coding and all forms of production. Experienced professionals find the right solution no matter the scope or size to meet deadlines while staying within budget with on-site and off-site capabilities.

Processing, Hosting and Review

Our CaseDataTM eDiscovery platform has handled large, complex, multi-terabyte matters as well as small matters. CaseData is a complete eDiscovery platform that performs ingestion, processing, analysis, review and production. The CaseData technology is a proprietary cloud-based platform that provides end-to-end functionality from ingestion and processing to analysis, linear review, technology assisted review and document production. The CaseData platform can be deployed onsite to meet the needs for those firms or in-house legal teams that wish to keep sensitive material and data onsite or can be offsite. 

CasaData provides predictive coding and powerful search tools that will help minimize data, reduce risk and quickly identify critical documents. We also offer review workflows to efficiently manage reviews and work with clients to incorporate their established review workflows into our environment.

Review and Managed Review

The Canon Discovery Services professionals work hand in hand with the client’s legal department through the stages of discovery. Canon has experience collecting and organizing information. From relevance review to predictive coding, the Canon Discovery Services team has the reach and experience to produce results. Canon supports complex projects that may require foreign language fluency, specialized knowledge and are global in scope.

Success Stories
On the eDiscovery case
One of the nation’s largest law firms faced a significant eDiscovery challenge: They needed to process 1 terabyte of data for a client’s pending litigation. Canon Business Process Services helped the law firm manage and analyze the data, reducing costs and attorney time by up to 90%.
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