The Role of Social Media Evidence in Product Liability Litigation

When mired in a product liability case, getting access to the other party's social media posts can be a critical part of the strategy for trial. View this webinar for practical information on how courts limit access depending on privilege, relevance, and proportionality – and how to adjust your discovery strategy for maximum impact. Our speakers will also review noteworthy findings on authentication and admissibility.

To learn how to properly access, preserve and admit social media evidence join Bloomberg BNA and Canon Discovery Services for an important webcast, The Role of Social Media Evidence in Product Liability Litigation. Canon Discovery Services' Technology Director of Practice Technology, Hampton Coley, joins a panel that explores social media evidence. 

Because social media evidence may be critical to a case, understanding best practices may mean the difference between winning and losing.

Watch this can't miss webinar now to learn:

  • The ways social media evidence is used and collected in product liability litigation
  • What courts have held about access to social media accounts, as well as authentication and admissibility
  • How to collect various social media evidence

This webcast is not intended to provide any legal advice.

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