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Integrated Services Enable Firms to Gain Efficiency and Improve Records Management

Law firms are in a highly competitive environment where the model for buying legal services is changing. The client’s demand for cost-contained discovery services is increasing. Effective document management in a paper-based legal practice remains a challenge.

Practitioners in corporate legal departments have a different type of obstacle. When faced with litigation, the corporate legal department must have the ability to access the right information across the enterprise at the right time to answer legal actions as well as avert court delays and possible sanctions.

To meet these information access and efficiency challenges, Canon Business Process Services provides corporate legal departments and their outside counsel with services that help address the court’s tight deadline, develop an effective information governance and records management program, and improve operations across the enterprise. Our team of professionals can leverage years of experience in developing the policies, procedures and controls that are the heart of an effective governance program.

We also partner with law firms across the country to improve back office functions and provide administrative support. Canon’s broad expertise in operational improvement enables us to smoothly integrate mail and copy center processes with records management programs as part of a broader information governance strategy. We manage the operational staff onsite or offsite depending on the needs of the firm. We understand the importance of retaining a quality workforce and the staff managed by Canon can benefit from structured, ongoing training and employee development opportunities.

From records management to document imaging, print and mail services and office services, our experienced team of service professionals helps 35 of the top 100 law firms. We can assist your firm with achieving productivity gains, improving current workflow processes and realizing a higher level of efficiency.

Canon Discovery Services

Large law firms and corporate legal departments across the country depend on Canon Discovery Services to develop effective, practice-tested solutions for the most complex discovery challenges. Canon Discovery Services has been helping organizations deal with the scope of discovery and evolving regulatory requirements for over thirty years. 

Canon Discovery Services professionals provide solutions that support law firms in the following areas:

  • Discovery Consulting and Project Management
  • Forensics and Data Collection
  • Paper-Based Discovery
  • Processing, Hosting and Review
  • Review Consulting and Managed Review

Canon has helped clients comply with the EU’s Privacy Directive; investigate data breaches; assess and mitigate data management risks; and implement defensible, cost-effective discovery response plans.

Information Governance: Records and Information Management

There is a need to act quickly when a complex legal action arises. The proliferation of electronic information, the cost and complexity of information management and risks relating to non-compliance make it crucial for legal counsel to implement an effective and efficient records management program to satisfy the court. Canon provides a comprehensive information management program to aid counsel with compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, preservation for operational needs, and proper disposal of records that are beyond their useful life. 

Many times staff training is necessary to meet the court requirements. Canon develops training programs to educate the staff about best practices for records management, electronic communications and legal holds. 

Canon works with clients to develop and implement information management policies and procedures to meet business, compliance and litigation-readiness needs. We assist with record retention policies, retention schedules, backup and disaster recovery strategies, hard copy document archiving, electronic communication, cloud computing issues, legal hold procedures, and evaluation of technology options to assist in both records management and litigation readiness.

Legal Managed Services Provide Performance Improvement Opportunities

Law firms are pressured to explore new models of business and reexamine their cost structure in order to remain competitive in a rapidly changing legal landscape. For a number of firms, the back office functions supporting the practice of law have not been measured in years and there are performance improvement opportunities. 

Canon Business Process Services assists law firms with productivity gains by using Six Sigma methodologies to re-examine and continuously improve current workflow processes. From records management to document imaging, print and mail services, and office services, Canon provides dedicated, experienced legal professionals to help firms handle complex or repetitive document-related tasks. Canon has over 30 years of experience in the legal community assisting firms with office support in the following areas: records management, document imaging, print, copy and fleet management, mail center services, reprographics, reception and accounts payable.

At least 32 of the top 100 Am Law 100 firms rely on Canon for document process outsourcing services. Our track record enables us to customize solutions that help law firms and corporate legal departments leverage industry best practices, contain costs and achieve new levels of productivity.

Success Stories
On the eDiscovery case
One of the nation’s largest law firms faced a significant eDiscovery challenge: They needed to process 1 terabyte of data for a client’s pending litigation. Canon Business Process Services helped the law firm manage and analyze the data, reducing costs and attorney time by up to 90%.
We help firms improve their overall efficiency

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"Our clients count on us to help identify areas within the firm to gain efficiencies. With over thirty years of experience serving the legal community, we are the go-to provider for practice-tested solutions in records management, information governance, discovery, print and mail center services. Our teams are dedicated to providing the highest level of service and truly value the client relationships we have built over the years."

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