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Rely on eDiscovery Experts for Minimizing Discovery Costs and Attorney Review Time

Discovery can be costly, complex and unpredictable due to the ever-increasing volume of digital communication. Legal professionals have never been more challenged to effectively preserve, collect, process, host, review and produce discovery-related information. Without the experienced people and technical resources required to meet these challenges, legal teams can experience issues that jeopardize cases. Some of these include: missing or overlooked case files, unexpected delays in processing data, legal sanctions, unanticipated document processing costs, not properly identifying documents for legal hold, ineffective budgeting and project planning, and more. To be successful, attorneys need to feel confident that they can confront these constantly shifting challenges.

Canon Discovery specializes in solving complex discovery problems by helping to mitigate the cost, and managing litigation risk. We help firms, as well as in-house counsel, improve their ability to control, predict and hold down the costs associated with discovery. We have been helping firms achieve these goals for more than 30 years.

Digital Forensics Services

Canon Discovery Believes That Expertise Is Not the Only Thing. It's Everything.

Our experts have held leadership roles in top-tier electronic discovery companies and performed litigation support at Am Law 50 firms. We have also constructed centralized evidence response systems for Fortune 100 companies and have been innovators and thought leaders on discovery issues. Canon Discovery provides you with a single-source solution throughout the entire litigation process. Canon Discovery provides a wide range of services to be an effective extension of your legal team, including discovery consulting, forensics and collections, processing and hosting, and managed review.

Canon Discovery Is Your Trusted Partner and End-to-End Provider

Canon Discovery Services enables your legal team to find critical documents faster. This can translate into more effectively meeting deadlines and containing discovery costs. For example, we collaborated with an Am Law 100 client to implement a more effective document review methodology, an improved global data collection strategy, and efficient solutions for managing a sudden change in a production deadline. These approaches helped the firm and its client minimize the risks associated with the eDiscovery process, and deliver responsive data accurately and on schedule. Based on our experience, we can help your legal teams solve similar challenges so they can stay more focused on winning cases. How? By leveraging our flexible, integrated portfolio of discovery and litigation support services, as well as technology solutions. Examples include: discovery consulting, project management, legal holds and preservation, data collection, managed review services, early case assessment, ediscovery processing, hosted review and production services.

Data Discovery & Data Collections Support

We provide data collections and computer forensics support.

We help corporations and law firms locate and collect data when they face complex investigations and litigation involving electronically stored information (ESI). Our Computer Forensic and Data Collections support can help you find and collect your data from a wide range of data services and formats.

Data collection is perhaps the most technically difficult and complex of all the phases of eDiscovery. It involves locating and collecting potentially relevant ESI from its native source and placing it onto separate secure media. Because collection involves direct interaction with data at its source, many consider it strictly an IT function. However, an effective collection strategy demands active involvement of both legal and IT professionals alike, and at Canon Discovery Services, we have the experience and expertise to help you navigate through this intricate process.

Streamline Your Managed Review Process

Reviewing large amounts of data can be an overwhelming, time consuming and expensive task. With the explosion of electronic data and the need to review it in a timely fashion and within budget, it is often no longer feasible to have internal attorneys review large amounts of data and charge regular hourly rates. Even completing a review consisting of just a few thousand documents can be daunting and tedious, especially with tight deadlines looming. And when speed is of critical importance, as it often is, the quicker you can analyze and prioritize data in your document population, the sooner you can review the most relevant documents.

Electronic Document Discovery

Lewis Brisbois Taps Canon Discovery for Attorney Review


Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith LLP, one of the largest law firms in the U.S., had a considerable eDiscovery challenge in one of its clients’ pending litigations, which involved more than 1 terabyte of potentially relevant data contained in electronic client documents. If collected and processed through a traditional linear review, the large amount of client data would cost the firm $5 million, in addition to an equally large amount of attorney review time. Additionally, some data needed to be collected from Indonesia, and the firm needed to navigate that country’s legal limitations for exporting information. Additionally, the data needed to be translated into English. As a last hurdle, the opposing party sought sanctions for spoliation due to allegations that case-relevant documents were deleted from a former employee’s laptop. “We teamed with Canon because it offered the eDiscovery expertise, technology and consultative skills that could help us reduce attorney review time and costs associated with managing such a large amount of data,” explains a firm partner.

After consulting with Lewis Brisbois and identifying its challenges, Canon legal consultants came up with a solution: CaseData™, our own cloud-based document review tool for legal teams. Between CaseData capabilities and ANSI-based sampling techniques that our legal consultants and Lewis Brisbois collaboratively used to eliminate non-relevant documents, we were able to cut attorney review time and associated costs by 90%. To address the issue of the overseas data, a team from Canon traveled to Indonesia to collect the electronically stored information (ESI). Once there, the team created forensic images of all data and loaded those images—totaling more than one terabyte—onto encrypted drives, staying within the legal limitations for exporting data that would be processed in the U.S. Finally, to overcome allegations of spoliation, our team created a “virtual mailbox” consisting of the former employee’s ingoing and outgoing emails that included data from the documents he’d deleted. We made this “mailbox” available to the opposing party, and the presiding judge ruled that the firm’s client had presented no prejudice in the discovery process. Allegations overruled.

Canon … offered the eDiscovery expertise, technology and consultative skills that could help us reduce attorney review time and costs associated with managing such a large amount of data.

Law Firm Realizes Significant Savings in Both Time and Costs

90% reduction in attorney review time and costs compared to a linear review

Overseas data loaded onto encrypted drives and safely exported to the U.S. for processing

Allegations of spoliation overruled due to Canon’s creation of a virtual mailbox of the former employee’s emails

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