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Global Telecommunications Leader Launches Digital Mailroom to Streamline Efficiency, Enhance Security


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Canon Digital Mailroom Delivers Speed and Efficiency

Due to the business and office challenges created during and after the COVID pandemic, this global telecommunications leader commissioned Canon to help solve a critical challenge: implement a nationwide digital mail system to permanently distribute mail to over 10,000 employees assigned to work from home. Today, employees embrace the Canon Digital Mailroom solution. In particular, they appreciate the speed and efficiency with which they can receive documents electronically in a form that helps them complete their work more efficiently with higher accountability.

Securely Manage Sensitive Mail with Accountability

This telecommunications industry leader faced an urgent challenge that was driven by the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-era business environment. The company needed to implement a digital mail system to electronically distribute USPS mail and scannable documents to thousands of employees assigned to work from home or on a hybrid schedule. The overriding goal was to ensure that time-sensitive mail was quickly and securely delivered to employees, enabling them to complete their work without delay.

In response to its staff working from home, the company's initial plan was to send unopened mail to designated supervisors who would forward it to their team. The supervisors would send mail not intended for their team back to the company's mail hubs for further research and redistribution. The inherent risk and inefficiencies prevalent in the initial plan prompted senior executives to identify a better solution. They wanted an approach that included protocols for securely managing sensitive mail with accountability. At the same time, they wanted to better control costs for distributing and tracking regular and sensitive mail. They also wanted a system that would establish the company as the sole record holder of business correspondence so that mail items would not be shipped to employees or remain in their homes.

“The telecommunications leader appreciated our integrated approach, which leverages people, process, technology, and analytics. Company executives understood that while technology is important, it is only part of the equation. Deploying the right people to implement the right process – one tailored to the company’s needs – is also vital to success. They saw that Canon’s Digital Mailroom is a solution, not just a technology implementation.” - Mitchell Ackerman, Canon Executive for National Accounts

Realize Cost Savings, Efficiencies, and Operational Improvements

Canon's Digital Mailroom services helped the organization evaluate its business needs to establish transparent, accountable processes for distributing mail electronically. By working with Canon consultants, the organization thought more strategically about how its mail center identified, distributed, and tracked mail critical to its newly distributed workforce environment.

Leveraging the expertise of the Canon specialists, the business identified upstream cost savings, efficiencies, and operational improvements around internal mail distribution. With Canon's new digital mailroom solution, Canon's on-site team now manages five digital mailroom hubs across the U.S. for the company.

Canon receives the mail for each hub and scans the mail items into the Canon digital mail system. The mailroom staff then validates/classifies the mail items for the correct team or user. The next steps include sorting and processing the mail according to business rules based on categories that include class of mail, department, and envelope markings. The company's employees then log into the Canon portal to process the mail items in their queue, including team mail or mail directed to an individual.

Canon's Digital Mailroom meets the needs of over 16,000 company employees in every state. Today over 2,000 mail pieces containing 12,000 plus pages are distributed each month securely and accountably to the company's staff working anywhere in the country. With the new system, employees can quickly access, download and forward documents via a secure digital mail portal.

Pages processed monthly
At-home workers served
Offices across the U.S.

Canon Digital Mailroom Delivers Results

  • Reduces upstream costs associated with processing regular and time-sensitive mail pieces
  • Reduces the risk of loss, fraud, failure, and penalties due to misplaced and/or unopened mail
  • Solves major challenges associated with delivering mail to employees working from home and/or utilizing unassigned space when in the office
  • Ensures more effective preparation of the mail for use in business processes
  • Streamlines processes and procedures for getting paper documents into existing electronic workflows
  • Decreases the time needed to research and direct or redirect mail to appropriate recipients
  • Lowers the number of resources required to manage mail in a hybrid work environment
  • Provides valuable quality control metrics not available before launching Canon Digital Mailroom. These metrics include the number of mail pieces and pages processed; total number of system users; and the identification of top recipients/departments including what they received and how long it took them to open and process documents.
  • Enables consistent monitoring of service level agreements to optimize workflows and drive future business process improvement initiatives

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