Case Study
Canon Innovative Office Services Deliver Results for Institute

The Challenge

A leading institute that provides advice and research on major business and economic trends decided to move to a more agile workspace. Based on a positive experience over many years utilizing Canon’s outsourced mail and print services, the organization tapped Canon to help the firm transition to a new environment.

Canon Provides An Initial Assessment

Canon began with an initial assessment of current state. With the information gathered, an action plan was crafted. Canon’s research found that a significant number of employees who had office space were not using it.

Based on this finding and other data obtained during an initial assessment, the institute determined that it could vacate and sublet an entire floor, totaling approximately 20,000 square feet, which would yield about $1 million in savings. This would free up capital for renovating the existing office space on two floors—transforming that space into an open, agile work environment in which there were no closed offices for employees, including senior management. Canon and its client refined the transition plan and moved ahead.

Canon’s hoteling and concierge services are critical elements driving the success of the new workplace. With the hoteling system, employees use an online reservation system to book their space for eight weeks in advance. However, they may only reserve the same workspace a limited number of times per calendar year. This approach encourages collaboration by enabling workers from different departments across the enterprise to get to know each other better. These are employees who might have remained further removed from each other in the previous environment characterized by separate offices. The flexible hoteling system has created a greater sense of community and improved morale as employees enjoy coming to the office on an as-needed basis and saving on commuting costs. As part of its hoteling service, Canon delivers personal mobile file cabinets to each employee’s workspace and stores the cabinets securely when the employee is not in the office. The Canon team also provides mail, copy center and hospitality services.

Canon drives success with critical hoteling and concierge services.

Canon concierge services include refreshing each work station at the end of the day, including software and technical equipment, as well as managing maintenance, housekeeping and employee support issues. The latter, for instance, might include trouble logging in or experiencing difficulty in printing a document. Or, a recently hired employee might have questions about the company. The key point is that Canon team members consider themselves ambassadors for the workspace. Whatever the problem, they will either address it directly or guide employees on how to resolve the issue.

Canon’s meeting concierge plays a special role. This individual is responsible for coordinating meetings that will include external customers and require a range of services such as catering and ensuring that the right technology is in place. The meeting concierge interacts directly with meeting planners and program directors, as well as the IT group and even building staff, to make sure that every event meets expectations.

Canon Advanced Office Services

Canon Yields Substantial Business Value

Canon is providing other services to its client that continue to yield substantial business value. In addition to cost savings due to the research institute’s reduced real estate footprint, the organization also saves thousands of dollars annually by hosting meetings in its own space as opposed to contracting for events at hotels and other venues. Other key benefits of the new space include a better focus on core business activities, as well as improved service for clients and employees. For the research institute, these advantages mean it is future ready, prepared to succeed now and in the days ahead.

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