Upcoming Webcast: Artificial Intelligence can Help Legal Departments Control eDiscovery Activities and Costs

Ken Neal
by Ken Neal
March 19, 2018
eDiscovery Trends

We will present a webcast on the topic of how artificial intelligence (AI) can help legal departments more efficiently manage their eDiscovery activities and better contain costs. Among the questions addressed is: How does AI work? AI is the science of teaching computers how to learn, reason, perceive, infer, communicate and make decisions like humans do. Through machine learning, computers begin to make decisions with minimal programming. Instead of humans writing rules telling the computer how to interpret a set of data, machine learning algorithms (i.e., instructions for solving problems) allow the computer to determine the rules itself. For additional insights on this and other important topics, join Bloomberg BNA and Canon Business Process Services for our next webcast, “Artificial Intelligence: Helping Legal Departments Control eDiscovery and Costs.” The webcast takes place on March 27 at 1:00 pm EST.

Who should attend:

  • Attorney/Counsel
  • General Counsel
  • Managing Partner
  • Paralegal

Additionally, feel free to visit the Legal Services page of website to learn more about industry trends and best practices including case histories, white papers and more.

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