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Transforming the Mailroom into a Digital Information Center: Part 3

by Ken Neal
November 13, 2017

This is my third and final post in this series about on how enterprises are transforming their mail center operations into more automated, digital information hubs that digitize and electronically distribute the mail to employees while ensuring security. Based on the concepts I discussed previously, let’s go from theory to practice in the form of a brief case history example demonstrating how one company realized dramatic gains by streamlining its mail center operation.

A major U.S. food manufacturer faced the challenge of more effectively and consistently tracking packages, mail and valuable documents to the company’s final delivery points. With multiple gaps in the mail and package receiving process, accurately tracking and delivering more than 13,000 courier packages and 500 letters daily were consistently compromised.

The company’s leadership asked us to identify actions to increase productivity and accountability while reducing errors in the mail center’s shipping and receiving operation. Our Best Practices team implemented a Six Sigma Kaizen Event to launch an improvement project that focused on developing a solution. The team crafted a continuous improvement plan to improve package handling, eliminate duplicative efforts, update software and train employees on proper processes for handling and delivering packages.

Overall, we were able to surpass our client’s expectations and deliver significant, measurable results that include: 100% accountability for packages received into the dock at all times; improved accountable mail process tracking capability from 30% to 100%; enhanced efficiency in the receiving area through redesigned workflow; increased employee productivity, empowerment and training; and timely and accurate delivery of packages

These are just some of the automation and innovation possibilities that are helping to redefine the corporate mail center as a digital information hub. The key point is that mail management is evolving in ways that can yield business benefits ranging from cost savings and improved efficiency to lower risk and superior customer service. Leveraging these kinds of solutions, whether managed internally or outsourced, can better prepare your business to continually improve, today and in the days ahead.

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