Legal Services Brief

Think About eDiscovery Before You're Sued

by Ken Neal
March 16, 2015

A recent Legaltech news article, Preparing for eDiscovery, makes a great point. One of the most important steps in managing a litigation matter is effectively handling ESI (electronically stored information). Taking steps now to prepare for eDiscovery can potentially save significant time and money later. I like that the article also suggested thinking about eDiscovery in three stages: (1) prior to litigation; (2) anticipating litigation; and (3) during litigation. The authors offer some important insights about each stage, particularly one related to stage three. This concerns how “predictive coding” is quickly gaining acceptance as a smart, efficient approach to document review.

Canon Business Process Services helps legal professionals leverage this smart approach. Our CaseData® web-based document review offers SmartReview predictive coding. With this feature CaseData can help organizations increase accuracy while reducing the time and expense of document review. SmartReview uses machine learning technology combined with expert reviewers. Feel free to visit the Legal Solutions page of our website for insights on best practices, case histories and other valuable information.

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