New Canon Fact Sheet: Mail Centers can Deliver Real Business Value

Joe Freeman
by Joe Freeman
December 10, 2015
Mail Matters

Response times are critical to businesses interested in delivering a positive customer experience. Rethinking how your company handles incoming physical mail and digital information can be an important component to customer satisfaction levels. Innovative companies are transforming mail centers into information hubs that can deliver real-time business value. To find out how a digital mail center is within reach, read our latest fact sheet, “The Mail Evolution,” and learn about key business benefits that include:

  • Processing business transactions faster and at a lower cost
  • Delivering mail to remote employees faster and at a lower cost
  • Capturing a record of all inbound mail and improving information control

To download the “The Mail Evolution” fact sheet:

Additionally, feel free to visit the Mail Services page of our website for information on industry trends, case histories and more.

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