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Mail Management as a Gateway to Improving Many Business Processes: Part Three

by Joe Freeman
August 1, 2016

In this post, Part Three of my series, I will wrap up my case history on mail management solutions we implemented for a leading healthcare organization and address how we are building on our ability to meet these kinds of challenges. Based on the success of the production mail system we created for the healthcare provider’s health plan statements, the company engaged us to use this system for managing billing statements that cover hospital patient and physician services. This function totals approximately 750,000 statements per month. Under our program, combined costs for the health plan and patient/physician services billing statements were reduced by a total $200,000 annually.

In addition to providing this wide range of services, we subsequently added two more solutions:

1. Canon now oversees document management activities for the healthcare organization’s open enrollment function. This spans assembling and mailing all of the forms and documents associated with annual open enrollment. Our management has enabled the healthcare enterprise to reduce document management costs for open enrollment by 20 percent.

2. In addition to handling open enrollment, Canon was assigned as general manager for all pre-sort mail services, enabling the healthcare leader to lower costs due to Canon’s expertise in leveraging USPS pre-sort mail discount programs.

Expanding on our ability to meet these kinds of document management challenges for the healthcare provider and other clients, Canon now manages corporate services delivered at large corporate campuses with thousands of employees. These services, referred to as corporate campus logistics, can now be managed cost effectively, efficiently and under one contract with Canon’s new comprehensive outsourcing solution.

We are currently providing corporate campus logistics to two of the largest privately owned commercial real estate projects in the U.S. For one of these clients we coordinate mail, records and many other services from a central location that enables the receipt, inventory and distribution of materials, office equipment, supplies, mail and packages, all which our team records, warehouses and distributes to locations throughout the campus. This coordination spans hundreds of mail drops and includes distributing USPS accountable mail pieces daily from the central mail hub.

Whether managed internally or outsourced, today’s mail management operations and broader corporate services are benefitting from new ways to solve challenges and ensure business success in the days ahead.

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