Legal Services Brief

EDI Distance Learning Program

by Ken Neal
May 19, 2016

I’d like to share a recent Legaltech News article about the Electronic Discovery Institute’s (EDI) new educational outreach initiative. Last month the non-profit EDI beta-launched the EDI Distance Learning Program and the underlying EDI Discovery Practice Certificate that EDI will award to candidates after completing an in-depth curriculum. To obtain a certificate, students must complete a curriculum of classes and electives, answer online quizzes, read course material, and write an article on a related topic. Most importantly, the program is designed to enable practitioners and students to meet their ethical obligation of maintaining requisite knowledge and skill in the evolving world of legal technology. Further good news: registration is open for $1.

Speaking of the world of legal technology, I’d like to point out that our CaseData® web-based document review system is designed to contain the complexity and cost of document review in an accurate and time-effective manner. As a reminder, we recently announced that CaseData offers keyword reporting and new database management tools. For law firms and corporate legal departments that have the capability and desire to be more autonomous in using CaseData without tapping the consulting support provided as part of the CaseData subscription service, these new enhancements offer that greater control.

Feel free to visit the Legal Services page of our website for more information on CaseData as well as to download case histories, white papers, industry reports and more.

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