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How A Digital Mailroom Enables Your Digital Transformation and Advances Performance

by Ken Neal
June 5, 2023

Delivering mail quickly, efficiently and securely is critical to keeping business running smoothly. Every organization’s mailroom receives communications that must be processed, triaged and responded to — all while following established business rules and meeting service level agreements (SLAs). But today’s hybrid and work-from-home business environment creates challenges for a traditional mailroom, and many companies are struggling to efficiently manage staff and technology to get mail quickly and securely to recipients. In the gap between physical mail and a remote and hybrid workforce, the mailroom has become a bottleneck for many organizations.

The solution lies with transforming the mailroom from a physical mail center to a digital mailroom center. Using cutting-edge technology, Canon Business Process Services bridges the gap between your mailroom and your modern, hybrid office by streamlining and digitizing your mailroom processes. This digital transformation reduces risk while delivering mail quickly, efficiently and securely — regardless of your employees’ location.

Streamlining the flow of communications

A hybrid mailroom and scanning service, Canon’s Digital Mailroom solution provides an optimum mix of people, process, technology and performance analytics to convert your physical mail into a digital format that can be delivered and accessed at any time. With a digitized mailroom, your employees can review and take action on their mail from anywhere, on any connected device.

For example, one global telecommunications organization received over 1,500 pieces of incoming mail daily and was struggling to manually sort, classify and deliver those items. The organization’s mail processes were labor-intensive, siloed and subject to error. These inefficiencies were costly and negatively impacted productivity across the enterprise.

Canon’s Digital Mailroom automation services helped the organization evaluate its business needs and establish transparent processes for delivering mail, even including sample mail images in the online portal that Canon provides. By working with Canon, the organization now thinks more strategically about its mail center and has identified cost savings, efficiencies and operational improvements around internal mail distribution.

A Digital Mailroom strengthens security, compliance and risk management

In addition to distributing mail efficiently, organizations today also need to ensure that mail is securely and quickly handled — particularly when it comes to legal, financial or other important communications. Many organizations today deal with millions of clients, including government entities, making it critical to ensure that communications are delivered to the right person at the right time to reduce risk, potential penalties and maintain compliance.

Digitization and automation have helped reduce the risk of vital information getting lost or misplaced. With a digital mailroom, you can now centralize and classify your unstructured data to fortify your risk management strategies. In partnership with Canon, the telecommunications company improved its process visibility and introduced automation to the mailroom, eliminating the intrinsic risk in manual processes. Canon helped the organization remain compliant with strict audit requirements by establishing clear processes that help its teams increase agility and quickly adapt to any changes in privacy regulations. Canon also set up monitoring around how long mail goes unopened to help ensure that nothing time-sensitive is ever missed.

Connecting a hybrid workforce

With your employees working in the office, from home and even on the go, you need flexible solutions to keep them connected. Canon also recognizes that maintaining business continuity is a top priority, but it can be hard to train and retain the mailroom staff essential for keeping your day-to-day tasks running smoothly. Canon’s Digital Mailroom services offers a combination of expert staff and mail process automation that helps you move beyond paper-intensive, manual processes for inbound business documents.

When the telecommunications giant needed a team of professionals to help it acquire the right technology, solutions and services for its mailroom, Canon’s digital mail experts created a customizable solution that could meet the scale and scope of the company’s evolving business needs. Now, the organization has access to a professional team from Canon that draws upon decades of expertise and real-world experience to distribute physical mail digitally to over 16,000 employees in a convenient, cost-effective manner.

As a result, the organization’s mailroom is more reliable, and surveys within the company showed internal satisfaction rates of up to 99%, proving that Canon’s Digital Mailroom services don’t just deliver mail — we also deliver smiles. With digital mail, your teams gain peace of mind, knowing that if an employee’s schedule or office location changes, they can quickly and efficiently continue to receive mail and keep your business moving forward.

Aligning your business for the future

With Canon’s Digital Mailroom services, you can achieve operational consistency at a global level. Digital Mailroom services brings the benefits of digital mail across your organization to help you work toward your goals — including decreasing waste and reducing your carbon footprint. Digitizing documents minimizes the cost of copying and printing them while also saving on labor costs: With a digital workflow, there are fewer manual tasks involved such as sorting, distribution and physical storage.

When you partner with Canon Business Process Services for your mailroom, you’ll enjoy regular meetings between Canon experts and your stakeholders, who work together to reach alignment around priorities and evaluate digital mail workflows, staffing and other agreements. Whether your focus is on safety or collaboration and communication, this check-in ensures that your mailroom grows along with the rest of your organization.

With employees working from anywhere, now is the time to modernize and digitize your mail center to realize better efficiency and flexibility while keeping your mail secure. Canon has over 40 years of experience managing mailroom operations — a crucial first step to digital transformation — and we deliver friction-free processes and a system that can go live in 30 days or less.

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