Canon Discovery Services Whitepaper: Artificial Intelligence Gaining Greater Acceptance Among Legal Professionals

Ken Neal
by Ken Neal
April 23, 2018
eDiscovery Trends

Canon Discovery Services has published a whitepaper on how artificial Intelligence (AI) is gaining greater acceptance among legal professionals. One key reason is that because it facilitates the analysis of large sets of electronically-stored-information, AI can help solve budget and staffing constraints.

Canon’s whitepaper, “Artificial Intelligence Creates E-Discovery Efficiencies, Controls Costs,” spotlights how the use of AI lets legal departments do more with less and frees attorneys to spend more time on legal-knowledge-driven work. Many attorneys are familiar with basic eDiscovery tools such as word searches to find relevant documents. AI, however, has moved beyond these basics.

One powerful eDiscovery technology is predictive coding, which searches documents for context, concepts and tone. This can significantly increase accuracy and relevance in document review, in some cases enabling tasks to be completed in minutes, not days or months.

Download the whitepaper HERE.

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