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Canon Brief Spotlights the Business Benefits of Transforming and Digitizing Mail Room Operations

by Ken Neal
May 5, 2017

Canon Business Process Services (Canon) has issued a brief highlighting five ways that businesses can benefit from transforming their mail room operations by implementing a digital intake center. In today’s business environment, enterprises are challenged to turn physical mail into digital information that can be quickly accessed, viewed and shared as quickly as possible in order to meet customer needs. With this scenario, the time it takes to convert thousands of inbound paper documents into digital information matters. Those organizations with sound digitization strategies are in the best position to improve customer service, reduce operational costs and mitigate risk.

This is why more businesses are leveraging digital intake centers—a hybrid mail room and scanning service that uses specialized mail scanning technology and workflow techniques to convert physical mail into digital information immediately upon receipt. If you are a business leader looking to improve the flow of information within your company, our brief spotlights five ways your business can benefit from a digital intake center. Download “Five Ways Your Business Can Benefit from a Digital Intake Center” now to learn more.

Additionally, feel free to visit the Mail Services page of our website for insights on industry trends and best practices, including surveys, case histories and more.

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