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Make print procurement easy

No matter how comprehensive an organization’s printing capabilities may be, it can have ongoing processes or special projects it wishes to outsource. Procurement of these services can be a costly, time-consuming and worrisome challenge that distracts a company from its core business activities. Canon Business Process Services can cost-effectively manage all aspects of our clients’ procurement processes, including planning, scheduling, research, proposals and negotiations, whether the work is a single project or an ongoing engagement.

Our experts can also help clients step back and decide what they should outsource and what they should manage in-house. When outsourcing is the answer, we can qualify vendors, obtain preferred pricing and execute these projects so they are completed on time and within budget.

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Insight into document processes

Learn how you can effectively measure, monitor and improve your document processes.

Unlocking the Power of MPS

Read about four key elements that companies should have in place so they can optimize their print management infrastructure.

Case Studies

Document Production Brought In-House

Learn how we were able to save an award winning law firm money as well as improve efficiency.

Shorter Loan Cycle Time

Learn how we helped our client cut costs and improve efficiency in print services with a wraparound document process.

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