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Canon Consulting Services enable you to approach your business challenges and make decisions with confidence. Utilizing a core team of analysts and implementation specialists, we take a holistic approach to improving your business operations and processes with a structured analysis and assessment. Our consulting engagements draw on the experience and expertise of our Business Solutions Consultants with accreditations such as Information Governance Professionals, Certified Records Managers, Certified Information Professionals and CDIA+. We utilize best practices, proven techniques, such as Project Management and Six Sigma methodologies, and leverage our broad-based, in-depth knowledge across a wide range of clients and industries. 

Canon Consulting Services

Kickstart your journey to business transformation.

Business Process Assessment

The first step in your optimization journey.


The Canon Business Process Assessment is an in-depth, multiday consultative review of an organization’s information management program and supporting systems, resulting in an assessment report, process improvement recommendations and detailed next steps to follow. The Business Process Assessment compares actual performance and potential optimal performance. You receive a comprehensive appraisal of work processes, technology and users to determine where efficiencies can be gained and the variance between business requirements and current capabilities. The analysis involves numerous workshops and/or interviews, including vendors or partners.

The purpose of the Business Process Assessment is to perform workshops to fully comprehend the current records program, its maturity and any obstacles to overcome to build for the future.  Operations, policies, procedures, labor utilization, governance, compliance, enforcement and audit processes and technology tools are examined.

The results of the onsite analysis will be a detailed findings report. This serves as a comprehensive historical record to confirm your efforts and proof of behavior to date and any recommendations, budgetary estimates and timelines for change. Once the report has been presented in a formal setting, Canon is prepared to offer continued support and guidance since implementation and ongoing administration are often complicated and time-consuming. Proven training mechanisms are also available to ensure that your investment in the assessment process is realized.

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RPA Suitability Assessment

Experience improved accuracy with Robotic Process Automation.


Robotic Process Automation has generated a lot of excitement recently. As a result, many organizations have created pilot projects. A successful implementation of RPA identifies the right processes for it. One thing learned is that the business processes involving contextual review are not suited for RPA and should be managed offshore. RPA creates opportunities to automate repetitive, and in many cases manual business processes. For those cases, RPA provides improved accuracy and compliance, cost reductions and scalability. What success can RPA bring to your business? For that answer and more, consider an RPA Suitability Assessment. 

Contact us for a RPA Suitability Assessment for your organization and kick start your Robotic Process Automation journey today.

Business Value Assessment

Deploy a solution for maximum business value.


A Canon Business Value Assessment provides, in a relatively short time period, a business plan to address an operational challenge. As part of the assessment, Canon will visit your main office and one or more remote offices to work with your stakeholders to define a specific strategic roadmap. This can include technology, people and process to achieve your key business goals and to quantify the expected return on investment.  Partnering the framework of Information Governance with the rigor of Business Process Outsourcing, the Business Value Assessment is the initial step for building a high-level vision and business plan for your company’s future.  As a result of engaging Canon Consulting Services, you will have a matrix of all findings with an ROI for:

  • The alignment of line-of-business needs and IT management for common and prioritized sets of business capabilities
  •  A strategic operational roadmap and vision
  •  Leverage of existing assets based on a technology review
  •  A high-level business case to advance your key business initiatives

Let Canon address your operational challenges today with a Business Value Assessment.

Data Remediation

Cleanse the data for greater clarity into your risk threshold.


Burgeoning technologies have brought new, often siloed processes that involve the creation and distribution of information and documents. These may include diverse functions such as records and database management, electronic mail management, and document printing and finishing.  Similarly, workplace collaboration tools, ERP, CRM and content management systems contain information in various formats, while facilitating workflows. The data remediation challenge is to integrate processes and platforms in ways that will seamlessly manage and control your business information.

Data remediation is at the heart of any sound information governance program. Many businesses are challenged to get started on this important initiative with good reason. Employees are using shared and personal hard drives, easy-to-use cloud services as well as other devices for data storage, making it extremely difficult to manage the massive amount of information being created and stored. Under these conditions, there is no redundant, outdated, or trivial content (ROT) elimination, no consistency in storage syntax and naming conventions, and no data cleansing. 

When addressing data remediation, Canon provides the analytics to identify what you have, classify that information and cleanse it to eliminate the ROT. It is imperative to conduct an investigation of what you have and where you have it before launching any initiatives or purchasing any technology.  As a result of engaging Canon’s Consulting Services, you obtain:

  • A strategy to leverage captured and analyzed information across multiple departments and for multiple purposes. Embrace the mindset of “repurpose versus recreate.”
  • A plan to capture information as early in the process and as close to the first touch point as possible. A technology solution including OCR, data capture, analytics and auto-classification that are integrated with core enterprise systems that include ERP, CRM, and content management systems.

Contact Canon today to provide a solution to your data remediation needs.

Retention Schedule

A comprehensive information management program is essential to good business practices. 


Business information, documents and records, are among the most vital strategic and operational assets of any organization. Efficiently managing these assets is essential for effective governance, risk management, reputation protection and strategic decision-making.

A current records retention schedule is the foundation of a sound and defensible records and information management program. Canon consultants simplify the complex and time-consuming task of creating one with their retention schedule development methodology and toolkit. While records retention sounds reasonably straightforward, it will take most organizations a considerable amount of time and money to do it right.

In today’s regulatory environment, many more records need to be retained for the proper amount of time, in the correct format, and in the most secure manner to remain in compliance with governing requirements such as GDPR, Sarbanes-Oxley, SEC 17a, HITECH, HIPAA, USA Patriot Act and Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. The necessity for a records retention schedule goes well beyond ensuring that records are retained and dispositioned in compliance with applicable laws and regulations by also focusing on business and operational requirements. A records retention schedule acts as an organization’s safe harbor during litigation. Organizations that have implemented a documented retention schedule demonstrate a good faith effort when disposing of records or maintaining them past retention requirements as part of evidence collected by defense or law enforcement agencies. Anything and everything that is defined by the organization to be a record, irrespective of type, format or media, should have a corresponding mapping to the retention schedule. 

An effective information management program includes the following:

  • Policies and procedures to create and store records in both paper and electronic format that are visibly supported by executives, including the CEO, CFO and CIO
  • Documented records retention schedule that lists records series and the expected retention period in months and years based on legal, regulatory and best practices
  • Organizational file plan that lists primary records types by functional unit so that information can be located without dependence on any one employee
  • Format-neutral taxonomy with meaningful naming conventions so that records are consistently labeled across all business units
  • Vital records program that identifies and protects those records that are critical for immediate restart of an organization’s business process after a disaster
  • Comprehensive records management implementation and training program
  • Dedicated hardware/software electronic records system repository where employees store electronic documents for long-term retention based on a records retention schedule and business rules
  • Periodic audits and an ongoing enforcement vehicle to assess the clarity of procedures and training effectiveness

We partner with organizations to develop best practices in records retention schedule development, which will mitigate risk associated with eDiscovery, litigation and security breaches while improving business processes and reducing environmental impact.  Speak with Canon today to learn more.

Document Imaging Consulting Workshops

Stakeholder workshops streamline your processes.


We have over twenty years of experience providing end-to-end imaging, document conversion and indexing services, and we are here to help you. You will find that document imaging and indexing are among the best investments you can make for your business. Here are quick highlights of what we do:

  • Business Process Imaging: With day-forward imaging, you can facilitate collaboration and support a mobile workforce along with realizing an increase in document processing speed, automate data entry and reducing overall paper and ultimately the cost.
  • Backfile Conversion: We can process a wide variety of data sources  so you benefit from enabling better access and protection against business interruption, facilitation compliance and reduction of business risk.

Let Canon help streamline your business processes today.

File Room Purges

Let Canon help you advance your program.


As businesses downsize physical space due to moves or restacks, there is a need to clear space of physical documents and records.  There is a concern, however, that sensitive or vital records, or those not eligible for destruction, are secure and maintained properly.  Canon Consulting Services will analyze the scenario, reference the records schedule and policy, and build a roadmap for technology, space utilization. This includes what documentation should be imaged and uploaded to the appropriate applications, what files to be manifested and sent to storage and shred duplicate copies.  The plan will adhere to the time limitations by including a labor utilization for a company’s employees to perform the work as outlined in Canon’s detailed project plan, or Canon can employ its own labor force.

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