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Streamline Document Workflows Across the Campus with Canon Education Services

Colleges and universities are struggling to meet rising student expectations of response immediacy in a landscape of inadequate, legacy paper systems. These institutions of higher learning strive to deliver a positive overall experience for the digitally savvy student population that may submit an enrollment application, a financial aid packet or calls to seek academic records from a few years back. The expectations are high and the ability of the registrar or financial aid department to deliver can be low. Accessing those historical paper files or records can seem daunting. 

Canon Business Process Services has worked closely with institutions of higher learning to rethink their document process workflows and implement a more streamlined information architecture to improve service for both students and internal departments across the campus. By teaming with us, the registrar office can reduce the staff’s time consumed with searching, retrieving, copying and refiling files; develop a disaster recovery program in accordance with the institution's compliance goals; and shorten overall response times. 

We have the expertise to bring student records online and implement quality controls to ensure documents are captured and secured in a controlled environment.

Financial Aid and Application Processing Services

Canon empowers colleges and universities with the ability to process applications and financial aid documents fast and efficiently. Our document processing services include:

  • Document Process Workflow Optimization: We'll conduct a detailed audit of your current document processes, and implement Six Sigma based improvements that allow you to process student financial aid and applications faster and more efficiently
  • Indexing/Backlog Indexing: We work with colleges and universities to develop document indexing strategies, and reduce indexing backlog
  • Staff Training and Augmentation: We provide staff and training needed to process and index high volumes of student documentation
  • Quality Control Management: Canon standardizes quality control processes that ensure financial aid documents and applications are indexed correctly

Managed Services for Colleges and Universities

Canon provides managed services that allow colleges and universities to deliver world-class experiences for students and faculty. Our managed services include:

  • Document ImagingHarness the power of automated data extraction to make your college more efficient, and your employees more productive
  • Discovery Services: Rely on Canon discovery experts for minimizing discovery costs and attorney review time
  • Print ServicesTake a strategic approach to print and copy management
  • Mail ServicesStreamline the flow of incoming and outgoing mail and parcel
  • Office SupportRely on experienced staff to keep office operations running smoothly
Success Stories
New Document Imaging Solution Makes The Grade
When a large university’s enrollment grew by 38%, it struggled to process the growing requests for academic and financial aid records. With the help of Canon Business Process Services, the university cut turnaround time for indexing documents to 24 hours and indexed millions of records in a matter of months.

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