A Roadmap for Innovation: Part 2

Scott Paster
by Scott Paster
August 21, 2017
Legal Services Brief

This is my second post in a series highlighting how Canon Business Process Services (Canon) helped a leading law firm, Procopio, advance its records management practices. 

Canon began by providing comprehensive consulting services and collaborating with Procopio to assess workflows and daily activities that supported the firm’s records management operations. The next step was to implement a multi-faceted solution. Canon hired and assumed management of Procopio’s records management staff and introduced more effective, standardized processes that helped increase operational efficiency and reduce costs.   

Another key element of the solution, based on Canon’s analysis and recommendations, was to relocate the Procopio records management staff and all of the firm’s files to a centralized file room operation. The Canon and Procopio project teams also worked on reducing the firm’s backlog of files. Central to this effort was implementing a process for identifying inactive versus open or active files, as well as streamlining the ability to locate and identify missing files from an average of four days to 48 hours.  

The Canon and Procopio teams also established a system for tracking key documents such as incoming, outgoing and transfer files and monitoring activities including the number of file boxes being sent to and received from offsite storage. One result from instituting these systems and practices was the elimination of approximately 5,000 boxes of files from the firm’s offsite storage location.

In my next and final post in this series, I’ll examine how Procopio looked to build on the gains the firm was realizing from the consulting, records management services and best practices that Canon was delivering. Until then, feel free to visit the Legal Services page of our website for information on industry trends and best practices including white papers, case histories and more.

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