A Roadmap for Innovation: Part 1

Scott Paster
by Scott Paster
August 17, 2017
Legal Services Brief

In this and my next few posts, I will highlight how we partnered with Procopio, a leading law firm, to help the firm solve document management challenges and create a roadmap for innovation. 

Procopio is a full-service business and litigation law firm with more than 160 attorneys based in San Diego, Silicon Valley, Phoenix and Austin serving clients around the world. The firm, committed to thoughtful problem solving and improving their clients’ bottom line, applied the same approach to enhancing its own operational efficiency. Initially, the firm saw an opportunity to improve its records management program and engaged Canon Business Process Services (Canon) as a partner to get the job done. Now Procopio and Canon are working together to help the firm continue to evolve and achieve significant business benefits over the next few years by leveraging digital technologies and implementing innovative business process improvement approaches.  

Procopio and Canon’s partnership began when Procopio recognized the need to advance its records management operations. The firm concluded that the initiative would span a variety of objectives: better manage and develop the firm’s records management staff, expand information governance best practices, reduce a backlog of files and implement standardized records management processes and procedures.

Compounding these challenges was the fact that the firm’s records management staff and legal files were not situated in a centralized location. Rather, files were in the possession of administrative assistants, attorneys and other employees who were spread throughout the firm’s main office and three satellite operations. Based on this and other records management practices, the firm decided that an outsourcing solution made sense. Procopio selected Canon as its managed services partner, based on Canon’s expertise in implementing and improving records management and information governance programs for law firms and corporate legal departments. Together, Canon and Procopio set their sights on taking the firm’s program to the next level.

In my next post I’ll spotlight how we implemented a multi-faceted solution to help the firm meet its goals. In the meantime, feel free to visit the Legal Services page of our website for information on industry trends and best practices including white papers, case histories and more.

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