Since its early days, Canon has been known as an innovative company with a long-term perspective. Its products and services have earned a global reputation for quality and performance that few can rival. With about $35.7 billion in global revenue, Canon Inc. has the 61st most valuable brand according to Interbrand’s annual ranking of “Best Global Brands 2019,” and is one of FORTUNE’s “World’s Most Admired Companies” for 2020. Canon Business Process Services is part of the Canon group of companies and a wholly owned subsidiary of Canon USA.

Our Approach

Today’s challenging economic business environment is driving some enterprises to explore business process outsourcing to maintain performance and stay competitive. Improved efficiencies, reduced costs, streamlined operations, and innovative solutions are core to sustaining success in a volatile business climate. These are precisely the areas in which Canon Business Process Services is helping our clients transform their current business processes, enabling them to be prepared to capitalize on industry trends as opportunities arise.

Canon leverages advanced technologies and services to deliver agility, exceptional workplace experiences and improved business performance. We achieve these results by applying our workforce management capabilities, Six Sigma methodologies and implementation expertise. The key to our approach has been leveraging our people, processes, technology resources and analytics to enable clients to maintain and improve their business operations in sustainable ways over the long term. To meet this goal, Canon deploys a wide range of solutions that encompass Business Transformation Services, Document Services, and Workforce and Workplace Services.  

The focus of our mission goes beyond cost reduction to enable client businesses to run better and operate more efficiently. Our employees offer deep process skills, technology expertise and industry experience. Their work is supported by our integrated global delivery model, enabling us to deploy resources onsite at client locations as well as at our U.S. and offshore business-processing centers. 

We leverage innovation to help our clients move forward through current challenges as well as support their digital transformation initiatives for future expansion. Whatever their business needs, Canon’s mission, via our highly-developed approaches, is to help ensure that our clients remain agile and meet their strategic objectives.

We enable businesses to grow.

“Canon is committed to exceeding the expectations of our customers. Every day, while people are relying on our products and services, we are striving to find more ways to meet their needs.”

Kevin Ogawa, President and Chief Executive Officer, Canon U.S.A., Inc.

We apply innovative thinking to client challenges.

Business is being fundamentally disrupted and transformed by digitization, automation, analytics, mobility and constant advancements in technology. In response to these forces for change, we are solving problems and applying innovative thinking to help clients reinvent and improve their business process operations.

In truth, every business must undergo periodic transformation to remain healthy and competitive. We are ready with the people, insights and technology to help advance your operational performance a level or two above the rest.

We offer unparalleled service delivery flexibility.


Our executives have fostered excellence while working with business leaders spanning diverse industries for over two decades.

Joe Marciano CEO
Joseph Marciano
President & CEO

Joe provides the vision for future growth and empowers teams to succeed while driving innovation, profitability, operational efficiency and a client-focused culture.

Dan Drucker Vice President of Sales
Dan Drucker
Vice President, National Sales & Marketing

Dan leads the national sales and marketing organization with the goal of building high-performing teams to further grow Canon's market-leading position. His mission includes delivering innovative solutions and enabling business agility across multiple industries.

Andrea Oriel Chief Human Resources Officer
Andrea Oriel
Chief Human Resources Officer & Administration

Andrea leads a team of human resources professionals in the US, Canada and the Philippines who create programs to attract, engage, develop, and retain our employees -- so that Canon can bring innovative ideas and expertise to help our clients thrive and grow. She directs the company’s Employee Safety programs that enable clients and employees to embrace safe work habits in the workplace. Additionally, she spearheads our Quality Assurance and Implementation team bringing the focus of service excellence and best practices to our clients.

Michael Scordino Chief Legal Officer
Michael Scordino
Chief Legal Officer & Secretary

Michael oversees Canon's legal, ethics and compliance, information security, privacy and corporate governance affairs in the U.S. and Canada.

Moshe Sossover Vice President of Finance
Moshe Sossover
Chief Financial Officer

Moshe focuses on driving the company’s financial performance to support strategic growth, providing actionable business insights, developing corporate partnerships and communicating the company’s vision. He also leads the offshoring units for client delivery and shared services that enable increased operational flexibility, capacity and cost reductions.

Mark Walker Canon
Mark Walker
Chief Operations & Technology Officer

Mark drives innovation and operational excellence to improve clients’ critical business processes and overall performance. He leads the professional services business transformation teams, information technology group, and the national operations organization responsible for accelerating continuous improvement, desired business outcomes and results.


Under the corporate philosophy “Kyosei,” we maintain a deep commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

Kyosei Canon

Following half a century of operations, Canon adopted Kyosei as its corporate philosophy in 1988, clearly expressing the company’s firm commitment to working together with stakeholders around the world. Kyosei is the aspiration to create a society in which all people, regardless of race, language or culture, harmoniously live and work together for the common good into the future. 

Our dedication to Kyosei guides our vision of protecting and preserving our most precious resources—the world we share, the communities we serve and the lives we touch. We do this through environmental, conservation, recycling and sustainability initiatives. We also practice Kyosei through social and educational programs on behalf of young people and those in need. This determination to live and work together for the common good permeates everything we do: from research and development, to product manufacturing, marketing, sales and distribution.

At Canon, we believe every manufacturer has a responsibility to ensure that its operations and practices are environmentally sound. We apply this standard of environmental respect to all aspects of our operations. At every step, we make energy and resource conservation and the elimination of hazardous substances our most important goals. That is why Canon is recognized for producing some of the world's most energy-efficient products.

Kyosei also drives our commitment to establish good relations, with our customers and the communities in which we operate.

This is our corporate philosophy, and it unites all Canon companies and employees together in contributing to the prosperity of humanity and protecting the world we share.

Together, we are making a difference.

One of Canon U.S.A.’s strongest beliefs is that we have a responsibility to contribute to the welfare of the communities that we serve. Whether originating from corporate headquarters, our regional locations, or our subsidiaries, Canon U.S.A. connects with and supports the community in many ways. One of Canon U.S.A.’s most prominent programs, Canon4Kids, donates imaging equipment to NCMEC for distribution to law enforcement agencies to help locate missing children. 

The following are some of the community programs Canon U.S.A. supports:

  • Canon4Kids and the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children 
  • Japan Center Essay Competition 
  • American Cancer Society 
  • The Townwide Fund of Huntington, Inc. 
  • Radiological Society of North America 
  • Huntington Arts Council 
  • Long Island Special Olympics 
  • Arbor Day Foundation 
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art 
  • American Museum of Natural History 
  • The Museum of Modern Art

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

NCMEC and Canon

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) and Canon U.S.A. have partnered since 1997 to help find missing children and deliver messages of safety and prevention. The Canon4Kids program has placed missing children’s photos in ads around the country where they have been seen by thousands of concerned citizens. 

Canon U.S.A. understands the power of images and the critical role of photos in the search for a missing child. It has worked to help ensure that people not only see these images, but that law enforcement agencies have access to them. 

To aid in the search for missing children, Canon U.S.A. encourages parents and guardians to keep recent photos of their children and donates photographic, scanning and printing products to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children for distribution to law enforcement. 


Companies are seeking more innovative ways to work, compete and serve customers; leverage advancements in research and technology to make better products and services; become more agile; and improve interactions across the value chain.

Canon Innovation

Fostering Innovation

Innovation has been a vital ingredient in Canon's success throughout its history. The company is one of the most prolific inventors of consumer and professional imaging solutions. Canon, Inc. ranked third worldwide among all companies issued U.S. patents in 2018, according to results issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. For the last 33 years, Canon Inc. has earned a top five ranking in U.S. patents issued. Each year the company invests a significant portion of net sales in research and development.

Canon Business Process Services continues this rich tradition of innovation. Our aim is to solve client operational problems and apply inventive thinking that has enduring value for your business. The company has made 13 consecutive appearances on the IAOP "Global Outsourcing 100" List of Leaders.

Globalization of Innovation

Canon Inc. is expanding its sources of innovation by establishing a "Three Regional Headquarters" management system of research and development in Japan, Europe and the United States. This effort is aimed at connecting R&D centers throughout the world and combining the output to produce significant results.

In the United States, which leads the world in medical technology and is a large healthcare market, Canon has established a major research institute carrying out research and development on technologies applicable to medical science. Through collaborative studies with university hospitals and research institutes, Canon seeks to shorten the time from R&D to commercialization.

Discovery of Future New Markets

Canon promotes research and development in collaboration with other research organizations, and utilizes knowledge from around the world. The company thinks about the future and is engaged in long-term basic research with an eye to future businesses.

Beyond Research 

Beyond research and development for current company products and their elemental and common platform technologies, Canon conducts research in pre-competitive areas that often requires ten years or more to produce results. By engaging in basic research in unexplored fields, Canon aims to spark innovation and create new markets that have never existed.


Canon is committed to our vision for the environment and we call it “Action for Green”. “Our vision for the future is a society that achieves a beneficial balance between enriched lifestyles and the environment. With this vision in mind, we are working to create products that combine high functionality with minimal environmental impact across the entire product lifecycle, collaborating with the Canon Group and with customers and business partners to expand the scope of these initiatives.” (Canon Sustainability Report 2020)

Canon Sustainability

Canon aims to reduce environmental burdens in all stages of the product lifecycle.

Canon’s global Environmental Management System (comprised of hundreds of sites certified to ISO 14001) focuses on three fundamental strategies:

  • Resource Conservation
  • Energy Conservation
  • Elimination of Hazardous Substances

These cumulative efforts help our customers meet their own their sustainability goals.

Covering All Aspects of Our Business

Canon’s sustainability initiatives begin in the product development stage, where we strive to create cutting-edge products that exceed our customer’s needs, and to use a greater amount of sustainable and/or recycled materials in our products and services. And, we utilize an energy-efficient manufacturing processes—developing energy-efficient products, maintaining toner cartridge and container collection and recycling programs, and eliminating hazardous substances from our products and services wherever possible.

Select Canon Environmental Initiatives

  • Canon Americas Environmental Charter
  • Generation Green - provides business partners, customers, and consumers with a way to identify and learn about the various environmentally conscious products and solutions Canon offers (energy efficiency and paper-saving features, recycling options, elimination of hazardous substances, and innovative product design).
  • Home and Small Office Recycling - contributes to the goal of zero landfill waste. Canon has introduced a collection and recycling program for Genuine Canon Inkjet Printer Cartridges. Additionally, through the Consumer Products Recycling Program, Canon helps customers in the United States recycle Canon consumer products and certain small office/home office products.

We’re proud of our environmental and sustainability achievements, such as earning the LEED Gold Certification for the new Canon Americas headquarters in Melville, NY and being selected as one of Interbrand’s 50 Best Global Green Brands.

Conducting business in harmony with the environment, we are committed to a sustainable future.

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